Machinery Balancing Course

Theory of Balancing

  • Centrifugal forces
  • Rigid vs. flexible rotor
  • Heavy spot and high spot
  • Vibration transducer on high spot
  • Cause of unbalance

Types of Unbalance

  • Static unbalance
  • Couple unbalanc
  • Dynamic unbalance

Diagnosing Unbalance

  • Diagnosing unbalance using Time waveform
  • Diagnosing unbalance using frequency spectrum
  • Phase angle and unbalance
  • Unbalance vs. bent shaft
  • Unbalance vs. misalignment
  • Unbalance vs. soft foot and looseness


  • Preparation for onsite balancing
  • Handheld balancer
  • Trigger sensor
  • Vibration transducer
  • Calibrated weights and scale

Single Plane Balancing

  • Analytical Method
  • Graphical (vector) method
  • Single plane balancing with and without phase measurement


The course is designed for personnel who need to improve their knowledge and gain more information about onsite balancing. The course covers balancing theory, static and dynamic balancing, single plane and two plane balancing through theoretical and practical lessons.

The participant will learn to use the device safely and independently carry out balancing operations with various balancing devices.

Duration: 1 Day



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