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Our goal is simple: to be the leading provider of automotive and industrial spare parts. We believe that at the core of every challenge lies new opportunities, it is within those opportunities that we find new grounds to succeed and grow.


We endeavor to find new ways to further enhance and expand our business and services while offering our clients an unrivalled standard of service.

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Our Products & Services

Samir Odeh leads the way for spare parts in the automotive and industrial sector. We specialize in the distribution of only the highest quality OEM parts from Europe to ensure that we can exceed the automotive demands of the region. It is because of this unwavering commitment to excellence that so many of our manufacturers trust us as their exclusive distributor in the region.


Keeping you on the road to success.

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Parts that can keep up with your business.

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SOCM Service

Samir Odeh Condition Monitoring

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It is because of our unwavering commitment to excellence that so many manufacturers trust us as their distributor in the region.

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