Key Benefits of the SOCM Service Solution

What is SOCM Service

Samir Odeh is the first parts distributor in the Middle East to incorporate condition monitoring into their service portfolio as an additional value proposition for our esteemed clients. SOCM is an integrated service solution that includes:


Evaluation of Operational Needs

Our highly trained engineers determine the needs of your business, and recommend the relevant products to achieve your operational goals in a manner that is both cost-effective and reliable.


Product Delivery & Installation

In the shortest timeframe possible, our team will deliver the highest quality products and implement the installation of your operational requirements to the highest international standards.


Monitoring & Analysis

We utilize the latest monitoring hardware and software to ensure your machinery and operations communicate with our command and control center in real-time, continuously analyzing performance and productivity.


Preventative Action & On-site Repairs

By continuously monitoring and analyzing machinery performance, we are able to inform our clients of possible system critical malfunctions and provide the necessary preventative measures to avoid operational downtime. In addition, in the case of an extreme malfunction, our team are able to quickly identify the damaged component, order and replace in the shortest timeframe possible and get your business back in motion.


Training & Support

In addition to our comprehensive SOCM services, we provide adequate training utilizing our dedicated training facility to ensure your staff are competent and capable to handle minor to moderate monitoring and maintenance of your machinery investments.

How it Works

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