Machinery Alignment Course

Theory of Alignment

  • Why alignment is important
  • Alignment terminology
  • Principles of shaft alignment.
  • Coupling types
  • Tolerance and speed

Types of Misalignment

  • Offset and angular misalignment
  • Alignment of Sheaves/Belts drives

Diagnosing Misalignment

  • Misalignment & time waveform
  • Misalignment & freq. spectrum
  • Phase angle and misalignment
  • Misalignment vs. unbalance
  • Misalignment vs. eccentricity
  • Misalignment vs. bent shaft
  • Cocked bearing and looseness


  • Rough alignment
  • Alignment with laser system
  • Soft foot locator

Before Starting Alignment Job

  • Cleaning
  • Shims preparation
  • Checking machine surroundings
  • Soft foot

Closer Look to Soft foot

  • Measuring soft foot conditions
  • Analyzing soft foot conditions
  • Correcting soft foot

Step-by-step Laser Alignment

  • Single coupled machine
  • Alignment of belt drive
  • Belt tension


The course is designed for personnel who need to gain knowledge on precision alignment of coupled rotating machinery. The course combines theory and practice and contains how to align single coupled machine using laser system, mounting laser system fixtures and using Laser system on horizontal machine. Practice using various laser belt alignment system and optical belt tension measurement devices for sheave/pulley alignment.

Duration: 1 Day



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