ISO Category I / ASNT Level I

Program Overview
Vibration analysis enables the early detection of faults and malfunctions in rotating machineries, it’s considered as one of the critical tools in condition based maintenance. The Vibration Analysis CAT I qualification ensures vibration analysts are capable of performing data collection using single and dual channels vibration analyzers and analysis of general faults across a broad range of rotating machineries.

The Vibration Analysis CAT I qualification is a pre-requisite to the Vibration Analysis CAT II training for those wanting to develop further skills in advanced analysis techniques and corrective action recommendations.

Our Vibration Analysis courses comply with the International Standard ISO 18436- 2, ISO 18436-3 and offer optional certification by Mobius Institute.

Who Should Attend

  • Vibration data collection personnel
  • Anyone new to vibration monitoring
  • Facility technicians
  • Condition monitoring personnel
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Operators, supervisors, engineers
  • Those working towards ISO Vibration
    Analysis CAT II qualification


  • Maintenance Strategies
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Principles of vibration
  • Data acquisition
  • Signal processing
  • Vibration analysis
  • Setting alarm limits
  • Acceptance testing
Learning Outcomes

  • The benefits of performing condition
    monitoring and improving reliability
  • The condition monitoring technologies:
    acoustic emission, infrared analysis,
    oil analysis, wear particle analysis,
    motor testing
  • How to analyze vibration spectra, and
    the basics of fault diagnosis: unbalance,
    misalignment, looseness, rolling element
    bearings faults, resonance, and other
  • What the Fmax, resolution, averaging
    and other analyzer settings mean
  • How to collect good, repeatable
  • Why vibration measurements can tell
    you about the condition of the machine
  • How machines work
  • An introduction to setting alarm limits


Our training courses utilizes hands on practice of data acquisition on Machine Faults Simulator and Vibration Analysis using different vibration analyzers. More over the training material is rich of animations, simulators, movies and real case studies.

Every participant will have an access for the iLearnVibration learning platform for six months. Upon completing the registration, the participant will receive a copy of the training material as study guide.

Duration: 3 Days

Optional: 2 hour exam


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