Vibration Analysis Services



Vibration analysis is essentially the heartbeat of all mechanical equipment. Capturing this vibration in a number of different forms allows an experienced vibration analyst to diagnose equipment malfunction that can be mechanical, electrical, aerodynamic and fluid dynamic anomalies. This also useful on structures for identifying natural or modal effect frequencies. We also identify transmission paths for effective isolation. Where applicable, SOCM engineers can design vibration absorbers or other practical methods to attenuate such problems whilst vibration analysis can be performeed on start up / acceptance testing, instant machinery fault diagnostics and routine periodic condition monitoring.


  • Saving Repair and Production
  • Conveniently Schedule
    Maintenance Repairs
  • Creates Reliable Equipment
    that Lasts for Years
  • Drastically Reduces Production
    Downtime / Cost
  • Diminishes Large Scale Repairs
    and Failures
  • Reduces Maintenance Costs