SOCM and Predictive Maintenance



SOCM can design a program that will help you maximize production and profits by significantly reducing machinery downtime and operational costs. Furthermore, when used in conjunction with oil analysis, infrared thermography and ultrasonic testing, periodic monitoring programs identify existing problems and accurately forecast future ones. Our comprehensive reports include detailed analysis with simple recommendations for correcting problems before failure occurs.

Diagnostic output files, available to user defined paths such as CMMS programs, allow customers the opportunity to take prompt action regarding the initial flood of maintenance problems. As problems are resolved, the number of major faults wane, turning a customer’s maintenance program from reactive to proactive. Equipment problems are prioritized and conveniently resolved around production and employee scheduling. Meanwhile, managers who use just-in-time inventory can order parts only for the immediate job. Over time, proactive maintenance creates reliable machinery requiring fewer personnel to maintain it.


  • Medium term return
    on investment
  • Diminishes large scale repairs /
    costly damage
  • Increases operational
    uptime / revenue
  • Reduces operational and
    labor costs
  • Accurately identifies
    equipment problems
  • Economical scheduling
    of maintenance
  • Improves equipment reliability
  • Customized database
  • Convenient collection routes